AHG Series

•  Blower Time Delay (30-45 Seconds) - Allows the coil to warm before
    the blower is energized to prevent cold air release.
•  Low Voltage Terminal Block and Low Voltage Terminal Strip - Allow
    fast, simple connections.
•  Non-Corrosive Drain Pans - Includes primary and secondary drains
    for either left or right hand connections.
•  Slide-Out Blower Assembly - Makes service and maintenance fast.
•  Factory Installed Air Filter - Uses industry standard sizes.
•  Freeze Protection for Both Heating and Cooling - Protects the entire
    system year ‘round.
•  3/4” Water Connections - Assures proper installation hook-up
•  Multi-Position - Vertical or Horizontal - Left or right.
•  For Boiler Loop Application
Cabinet Features
•  Cabinet is Galvanized Steel - for maximum corrosion protection; front
    and top are painted steel.
•  Interlocking Panels - Eliminate air leakage.
•  Cabinet is Lined - with 1” foil faced insulation.
Hydronic Coil
•  Freeze Protection Switch Included
•  Aluminum Fin/Copper Tube Construction
•  Manual Air Vent and Drain Valves
•  3/4” Sweat Water Connections
Evaporator Coil
•  Aluminum Fin/Copper Tube, TXV for R-410A Included
•  Primary and Secondary Drains
•  Dual Drain Pans for Multi-Position
Electric Supply
•  115V, 60 Hz System, 24 Volt Control Circuit
•  Low Voltage Terminal Strip
•  High Voltage Supply at Top of Cabinet
•  Post-Purge Timer for Cooling